We want interesting, useful and professionally written original articles about attractions and/or accommodations in places that qualify as day-trips from major cities around the world. And yes, this is a paid market for travel writers.

In a nutshell, here is what to send us:

  • An original 300 – 500 word article (plus up to 100 word author’s bio) as a DOC file.
  • Up to two hyperlinks, one of which may be your own.
  • An original 300 x 400 pixel at 72 dpi photo attached to the email (not embedded in article).
  • Your Google AdSense code.

See below for a detailed description of the above.

Send your submission to: info[at]daytripstravelguide.com (replacing [at] with the @ symbol).

Benefits for Travel Writers

1. Good Exposure. Publication on this paid website gives you exposure that will add to your stature.

2. Paying back your sponsors. You get an opportunity to reward the CVBs, PR agencies and their clients who subsidize your press trips by giving them online publicity as well as links back to their websites.

3. SEO for your site. You can help optimize the strength of your own websites in search engines by getting a link back from an authority site in your niche.

4. You earn money. Google AdSense pays monthly based on the performance of the ads in your articles.

About Our Niche

What makes DayTripsTravelGuide.com unique is our focus on the “day trips” travel niche, and every article you send us needs to contain the phrase “day trips from [CITY NAME].” If your article is about Sedona, Arizona, please include the phrase “day trips from Phoenix,”  preferably within the first 100 words of your article. A story about skiing in Whistler, BC could use “day trips from Vancouver.” A piece about Stratford Upon Avon can include “day trips from London.”

You Probably Already Have Tons of Material

We personally have been on many press trips over the years, and we have found there is often one “orphan” element of the itinerary that did not fit into the omnibus feature we eventually had published. This website is a great way to make use of those untapped gems.

Your Article Copyright and Duplicate Content

When you submit an article to us and we publish it, you retain all rights for its further use. You are giving us the rights to use your submission in perpetuity on the domain daytripstravelguide.com, and nothing else. You are free to submit it to any other publication in the future. However, please be aware that the duplicate content penalties believed to be imposed by Internet search engines may be in effect. Therefore, if you submit the identical article to another website, it may not be penalized for publishing this duplicate content, but the value of the content will be less than if it had been unique content.

How to Submit

Articles should be about 300 to 500 words long (absolutely no shorter than 275 and no longer than 700) and professionally edited and spell-checked. You can use either American, Canadian or U.K. English spellings (e.g. color, labour, tyre) just as long as your usage is consistent throughout. Content must be 100% unique. It must not have been published anywhere else online. We will use Copyscape to ensure unique content. However, you may re-purpose previously published stories by extracting, re-writing and expanding upon material already online elsewhere.

We prefer that you send articles attached to your email message as a DOC file, but DOCX, RTF and TXT are also acceptable. Do not embed photos within articles, but send them separately as JPG files. Ideal photo size is 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels high at 72 dots per inch.  You may send up to two photos, one of which will be used if your article is accepted. If you require a photo credit, please include that within the author’s biography at the end of the article.

Hyperlinks to attractions or accommodations

Your article may include one link back to the URL of an attraction, hotel, restaurant, Visitor’s Bureau, etc. This may be either within the body of the article or in the author’s bio, whichever seems most appropriate. If you do not know how to code the html for a hyperlink then simply write it this way: “For more information about Jane’s restaurant, visit http://janesrestaurant.com.” Or, if you want to get fancy, say “We enjoyed dining at <a href=”http://janesrestaurant.com”>Jane’s Restaurant</a>.”

Your Author’s Biography

At the end of your article, you may include a brief author’s biography up to 100 words long. This may include a link back to your website, as above.

How to Get Paid

Each article we publish may include one Google AdSense ad block. Our authors are encouraged to supply their own ads (embedded with your own unique Google publisher’s ID code). Payment comes from Google based on the number of clicks ads receive and the value of the keywords used.

STRONGEST WARNING – ABSOLUTELY NEVER CLICK ON GOOGLE ADS ON THIS WEBSITE!  You may think you are being helpful, but you are wrong. Google has ways of knowing who is clicking on ads fraudulently, and they will cause the harshest penalties to rain down upon offenders. If you are genuinely interested in an ad you see on this site, please make a hand written note of the URL listed in the ad and then type it into your browser after you have moved away to a different web page. We’re not kidding. This is very, very serious. Onwards…

It’s easy to register with Google and get your own ad code. If you need help, please download this PDF file, or watch two short videos at http://screencast.com/t/2NGeCDd8 and http://screencast.com/t/kiLW2gU9. Or do both.

If you are already familiar with creating AdSense ads, then simply log into your AdSense account and create a 336 x 280 ad block using the Google default settings.

Your Google ad code will look similar to this (except your personal details won’t be blurred out)…

In order to be paid for your article, please save a copy of your Google ad code, and include it at the bottom of every article you submit. Our editors will manually insert the code into the most appropriate area of your story, between paragraphs.

Send your submission to: info[at]daytripstravelguide.com (replacing [at] with the @ symbol).

Google pays on a monthly schedule after their threshold limit has been reached. According to Google’s Terms of Service, no website page may contain ads from two different publishers. Therefore, DayTripsTravelGuide.com takes great care to ensure that only one Google Publisher ID number may appear on any of our pages.