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Yes, Venice is a romantic’s dream. But underneath all the mush and the grand displays of love around its historic plazas, Venice is nothing short of a marvel. A city balancing on stilts, Venice is incredibly resilient and undaunted. This town floating on water has contributed more to the scene of art and architecture than any concrete metropolis. The acqua alta notwithstanding, Venice has come out of its renaissance shadows and reinvented itself again and again. The stunning palaces now host cutting edge art biennales and artistes find inspiration in the city’s resolute spirit more than its love-locked gondolas.

Day Trips from Venice

Whoever said Venice is just a place for lovers and honeymooners could not capture this incredible city’s essence in entirety. After all, millions of visitors stamp their approval of Venice as a world class destination every year. For those ready to pry, Venice is a complete package. A wealth of museums and art galleries await the discerning tourist here. Short on time? Don’t fret. Read up on our tips about getting it right on a day trip. Even if you have just a few hours, the following places should be in your travel itinerary for Venice:

Basilica di San Marco:

Whether you are in Venice for a few hours or for a weekend break, St.Mark’s basilica is an absolute must visit. No tour of Venice is complete without a visit to this grand, glorious church that is perhaps the most ornate and lavishly decorated church in Europe and is one of the top attractions in Venice. The tip for those short on time is to arrive early, just when it opens so that you can get time to revel in the 40,000 square feet of gold-backed mosaics and the opulent interiors. While you’re at it, also visit the adjoining Marciano museum to get a closer look at the ancient Triumphal Quadriga.

Palazzo Ducale

The Doge’s Palace is one of Italy’s most untarnished and resplendent town halls. Adorning the ceilings and walls are works by some of Italy’s most celebrated artistes. Veronese and Tintoretto frescoes are splashed on these canvasses making this place a genuine treat for art lovers. World’s longest canvas painting Paradiso is a sight not to be missed!

San Giorgio Maggiore

This 16th century Benedictine church is a treat to a connoisseur’s eyes. Authentic and awe-inspiring Tintorettos await you as your eyes try for focus away from the glimmering sun on the milky white marble facade. The interiors are understated yet decidedly renaissance styled. On top of the church, you can witness Venice in all its charming yet vulnerable glory.

Accademia Galleries

If you do only one thing in Venice, make it the Accademia galleries. Grand masters of the art world are showcased side-by-side for a rare exhibit that covers artworks from 13th to 18th centuries and feature names like Paolo Veneziano, Giorgione and Giovanni Bellini. Even sceptics will be converted after witnessing this beautiful parade of masterpieces.

Grand Canal Tour

A short-cut of sorts but entertaining nonetheless, don’t forget to take a tour of the Grand Canal on your trip to Venice. The tour takes visitors along the best of Venice; famous palaces and churches that peep over the canal and houses that have served as home to some of the most famous people in history. Discover the romanticism and grandiose of Venice in the only way that does justice to it; on top of a boat.

Whether you have one day or a couple of days in Venice, you can soak in its ephemeral surroundings by just sitting in one of its beautiful squares like the Piazza San Marco or by catching the first sight of sunset whilst on a gondola ride, above one of its numerous bridges. Or even on a walking tour that will brush you up on why Venice is one of the most unique cities in the world. Venice is always ready to enchant. Are you ready to be enraptured?

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Erica Brooks loves to travel and has been an avid traveller since she first travelled solo to Singapore. Combined with a passion for reading and love for writing, she has embarked on a travel writing journey.


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